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If you are looking for a successfull carreer in Music, look no further

Our group consists of practicing music producers, artists, sound proffessionals, and instrumentalists, that are sure to drive you towards a successfull music carreer.

In this course you will learn to:

  • How to mix on analog and digital Hardware mixers.
  • How to Mix on software and VST mixers.
  • Use of Digital audio workstations Sequencers.
  • How to use VST instruments
  • How to configure and use MIDI controllers and Midi Devices
  • Different types of mics and How to mic various instruments
  • Music Studio Hardware Devices their functions & connections
  • How to use signal processors like equalizers, phasers, flangers, compressors, maximizers, limiters, delays and others
  • How to bounce tracks and export using various formats
  • How to Sequence music in Different genres from hip hop, trap, RnB Afro fusion, reggae, zouk, Rhumba, bongo, gospel and other popular styles.