Our courses


Computer Packages

In this information age or digital age, modernized information systems and internet communications as the driving force of social evolution. The current job market requires tech survy employees and employers, and at Tenacity learning center, we are ready to share this required knowledge.

Below are some of the items we cover in our computer packages course;

  1. Introduction to computers
  2. Microsoft windows
  3. Microsodt word, excell, access and powerpoint
  4. Microsoft Publisher
  5. Adobe Page maker
  6. Internet and Email
  7. Concepts of IT and ICT
  8. Software installation and uninstallation
  9. Digital and soft Skills

A certificate is awarded upon completion


Web design and development

A Web Developer develops interactive websites: from simple landing pages to multi-page online-stores

In this course you will learn to:.

  1. Write code and use development tools
  2. Layout sites for all devices
  3. Design databases for websites
  4. Implement site search engine optimization
  5. Test sites and fix bugs
  6. Work in website builders to create sites and manage content


Graphic Design

Music Video and audio production

Our Photography, videography and film production course provides hands on experience for aspiring photographers, videographers and film makers. If you have previous experience, our course offers more insight into the filed of photography, videography and film making.


Music Instrumentals training

In this course, you will learn to play diffent music instrumentals, like guitar, keyboard, drumset