WHy Computer Packages?

Many employers nowdays will not take in a person without basic computer training
At Tenacity Learning Center we equip you with requisite skills to enable you take on the job market with confidence.

Computer Packages

In this information age or digital age, modernized information systems and internet communications as the driving force of social evolution.

The current job market requires tech survy employees and employers, and at Tenacity learning center, we are ready to share this required knowledge.

Below are some of the items we cover in our computer packages course

  1. Introduction to computers
  2. Microsoft windows
  3. Microsodt word
  4. Microsoft Excell
  5. Microsoft access
  6. Microsoft powerpoint
  7. Microsoft Publisher
  8. Adobe Page maker
  9. Internet and Email
  10. Concepts of IT and ICT
  11. Software installation and uninstallation
  12. Digital Skills

A certificate is awarded upon completion