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We have been teaching our students through a comprehensive program which guides students in the art of djying from beat-matching, CD and vinyl mixing, scratch techniques, softwares to the business aspects within the entertainment industry.

Our school is well equiped with latest equipments and our tutors are top-notch practicing DJs.

In this course you will learn to:

  • Equipment functions & Setup
  • Introduction to Pioneer CDJs & Mixers.
  • Serato , Rekordbox, Sony Acid, Sony Vegas & other industry standard DJ Softwares
  • Transitions using the volume controls & cross faders
  • How to detect and Set cue points
  • How to Count beats, bars & phrases
  • How to detect BPM/Tempo using Pioneer mixers / BPM counters
  • How to Beat match different songs through phrase alignment
  • Scratch Techniques and beat juggling
  • How to Grow your DJ Business & Industry connections